About: Martin Zielinski

Currently London based, primarily an action sports photographer, with a drive to shoot anything that moves.

Having studied fine art at the Victorian Collage of the Arts (Melbourne) in the early noughties. It’s only within the last decade I’d really acknowledged that I’ve used photography as the basis of almost everything I’ve ever produced. For many years I considered the photographic medium to be reference material, a visual investigation into whatever subject I wanted to address, painstakingly producing photographs that only I would ever see.

As a teen, I was possessed by BMX and Skateboarding, obsessively collecting magazines, studying the images till my eyes bled. In more recent years, my interest in extreme cycling introduced me to a world of awesome individuals riding and building the most amazing locations, this ignited a passion to capture the kind of images that exited me so much in my youth (and still do).

On a constant quest to capture the next “Banger” I never tire of searching for that perfect moment, that split second where everything just clicks! (no pun intended)

I now derive the same satisfaction from capturing a great image of a product or individual as I do from capturing the most insane tricks or locations, and on occasion you may also find me shooting lifestyle or events.

Don’t hesitate to contact me regarding bookings, prints or files, I’m more than happy to have an obligation free discussion.